view of Salandra, Matera, Basilicata, Italy by Antonio DiPersia

Friday, July 12, 2013

Marriages & Families - Anthony and Justina Graziadei

Justina Ambruso was born in Salandra in 1901.  Her birth record (Atti de Nascita) shown above, lists her official given name was Giustina Clorinda Ambruso.  The name Clorinda is very rare.  I haven't run into any other person with that name in my Salandra research. I have no idea of its origin or why she was given this middle name. 
This document also lists a few other interesting bits of information.  The occupation, or position, of her father, Rocco, is given as “possidente”, or landowner, not the common “contadina”, or peasant farmer that is seen on most Salandra birth records.  This shows that Rocco must have owned some land and had some wealth.
Like her sisters, Mary, Angelina and Ottavia, Justina married a man from her hometown of Salandra.  Anthony (Antonio Vincente) Graziadei was born in Salandra in 1894.  He and Justina were married in Brooklyn, NY in 1929.  They settled in Queens and Anthony worked at the legendary Palter DeLiso shoe company on Broadway in Manhattan.  They had two daughters: Isabella, born in 1931; and Rose, born in 1933.  My guess is that both of Tony's daughters always wore very fashionable shoes.

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