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Monday, December 23, 2013

Cyndi's List

Any serious genealogist would tell you that one of their most valuable research tools is Cyndi’s List.  Cyndi’s List is a very large collection of genealogical resources on one website.  It is a labor of love by one person, Cyndi Howells, and a handful of volunteers.  Genealogists, both amateur and professional, have been using it for almost 20 years now.  It does not contain all the answers, but it probably can tell you where to find all the answers. 
A website or blog must be reviewed and approved before it is included on Cyndi’s List.   Not every blog or website makes it.  I am proud to announce that the Ambruso Family History blog that you are reading has just been added to Cyndi’s List.   This means that anyone searching for information on Ambruso genealogy can go on Cyndi's List, type in the surname "Ambruso" in the Search Box, and will be directed to this blog as one of the available resources.  

By the feedback I have received, I know that this blog has been helpful to many people, and that they enjoy the images and stories.  Anything that has been accomplished thus far in this endeavor has been made possible only because of the contributions by family members.  Please continue to send me family stories and photos.  I will gladly include them in future blog articles.  
I wish you all a very happy, blessed and peaceful Christmas.

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  1. Hey Dad, that is great news! Official sanction by the "It" crowd of geneaology, college professors condoning your work... this might turn into something!