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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Descendants of Justina Ambruso and Anthony Graziadei

Wedding photo of Justina Ambruso and Anthony Graziadei (1929)
My Ambruso second cousins are coming out of the woodwork!  Not one, but two grandchildren of Justina Ambruso and Tony Graziadei have contacted me recently by e-mail.  One cousin, Debbie Justina Trail Giffone, sent several family photos including the one above. 

Justina and Tony had two daughters, Rose and Isabella.  Rose married Mark Trail.  Likewise, they also had two daughters, Laura and Debra.  Rose, Mark and the girls lived in Whitestone, Queens, NY.  Rose’s sister, Isabella, married Lenny Bruno and had a son, Gerard.  Both families lived in the same house, Isabella and her family on the floor above Rose’s family.  The sisters were very close.

When Debbie was about 10 years old, Rose and her family moved to south Florida.  A few years later, Isabella and her family also moved to south Florida along with the grandparents, Justina and Tony.  The whole family was together in Florida. 

In subsequent posts, I will share some of the great family photos that Debbie has sent me.  Many are from Uncle Nick’s house in Astoria.  We’ll have fun figuring out who everybody is.

If you have any old Ambruso family photos, please send them to me like Debbie did.  She just used her smart phone to take photos of pictures in an album, and then sent them to me attached to an e-mail.  The quality might not be as good as a digitally scanned picture, but hey, they are still worth 1,000 words.

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  1. I still have my grandma and grandpa’s wedding china!! My mother, Rose Trail Graziadei,kept everything in great shape.