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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Marriages & Families – Felicia Ambruso and Angelo Antonio Frumento

Felicia Ambruso Frumento with husband A. Antonio Frumento and son Frank (circa 1900)

Felicia Ambruso was born in Salandra to Francesco Domenico Ambruso and Giovanna Maria Garaguso. She came to the United States with her mother and two brothers around 1885.  In the 1910 census she said she was 32 years old (born: 1878).  In the 1920 census she said she was 45 years old (born: 1875). The Philadelphia Marriage Index says she married Angelo Antonio Frumento in 1889.  This date is accurate.  However, in my research experience I have found that wives sometimes were known to shave a few years off their age when responding to census takers.  In any case, it would seem that she married at a very young age. 

Antonio was a barber.  He and Felicia lived on South Street and then on Bainbridge, but nowhere near the Little Italy section of South Philly.  The censuses show that they were the only Italian-born people living in their neighborhood. 
According to the census records, Felicia bore 3 children, but only one survived.  Frank Anthony Frumento was born in February of 1893.  Notice the proud family in the photo above.  Young Frank is dressed and posed exactly like his father.  Frank married and had three sons and one daughter.  There are many descendants of Felicia and Antonio around today.  Felicia died in 1928 and Antonio died in 1929 of diabetes.  Like many other Italian-American men, he was a member of the Order of the Sons of Italy in America, so his son received $400 in death benefits when he died. 

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