view of Salandra, Matera, Basilicata, Italy by Antonio DiPersia

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rocco Vincenzo Ambruso

Rocco Vincenzo Ambruso, born in Salandra on 20 Dec 1858, was the youngest child of Michelarcangelo Ambruso and Maria Giuseppa Iula.  He married Pasquerosa Corrado in Salandra in 1885 and had 10 children.  His granddaughter, Carmela “Millie” Saraco de Osuna, tells us that Rocco was a very successful individual and that supporting all 10 children was no problem for him.  They lived in a large house with adjoining stables, horses and a wagon.  Rocco was the postmaster for the village of Salandra and with the help of his oldest son, my grandfather Michael, even delivered mail by horseback to the surrounding area.  Millie also says that besides mail delivery, Rocco used the wagon to provide regular delivery service for merchandise from Matera, the largest city and capital of the province.  
Rocco’s children started coming to America while he was still alive.  He was also planning to come to America, but unfortunately he died in 1922 before he finished settling his affairs.  All his remaining children came to America with his widow, Pasquarosa, later that year.

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