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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Weimer-Ambruso Tree on Ancestry

Several years ago I put up my family tree on (Weimer-Ambruso Tree). It is a wonderful way to graphically see how our Ambruso Family branches out from it's common roots. It has lots of information and many of the photos I've gathered so far. allows me to share access to this tree with people who aren't Ancestry subscriber: to view, add, correct, and upload new info for FREE.  What you'll see has been a real group effort with contributions from John Casteline and many other family members both directly and through linking to each other's trees.  

My Tree is open to the whole family to help in this endeavor, or just to view. I would love it if you could fill in details of your part of the tree, correct missing or inaccurate info, add your birthday, spouse's info, spouse's siblings, parents, children, wedding dates, etc. Share whatever you’d like your great-great-great grandchildren to know about you and your part of the family. 

NOTE that all living members of the tree appear only to individuals that I grant editorial access, everyone else sees them as ''Living'' ''Surname'' - Living Weimer, Living Ambruso, etc. with all photos, dates, and personal information missing. Personal info only becomes visible after an individual passes. 

I encourage you to help out by filling in as much as you can. I've put most of my energy into getting as far back in our tree as I could, and spent very little time on the current generation. Let me know how it works for you and if you have any problems figuring out the site. 

Please email me directly and I'll send you an invitation to the "Weimer-Ambruso Tree".  Contact me at


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